About Koh Slaket Studios

Koh Slaket Studios is among Cambodia’s largest film and music production studios. The natural, architectural and cultural attractions of the 13-hectare area make Koh Slaket Studios an ideal place for entertainment, relaxation and private gatherings.

Pre-wedding photography and video Venue

Our picturesque area is ideal for shooting pre-wedding photos and videos.
Come with your own photographers, or hire Koh Slaket Music Studio’s professional photographers!

Experience Our Luxurious Khmer and Foreign Style Accommodation

Here at Koh Slaket Studios, we have luxurious Khmer and foreign style mansion, villa and houses designed by talented Khmer and foreign architects and designers to blend in the natural environment of the area. Get yourself refreshed and recharged during your stay at Koh Slaket Studios’ regal and luxurious accommodation.

Restaurant & Café

Enjoy delicious meals at the Shore Restaurant while you unwind. With a wide menu of Khmer and Western food, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Onsite is also The Shore Café, a brand new Asian coffeehouse designed to be a perfect place to gather with your family and friends.

Popular Things to do